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Hello every one! I am Buggy, hear me buzz!

I am a twenty-something college graduate, pretending to be a grown-up, even though I don't feel much like one. I enjoy one-on-one RP, reading ghost stories, teen angst and romance novels, grocery shopping, cooking, writing, and sewing.

I don't do quite as much writing now as I did once upon a time, but I still work when inspiration strikes or the mood hits me. I think some of my best work was from the year 2008, but I'm still striving to improve!

Except for most of my writing, my journal is largely friends only.

I am incredibly interested in characters with speech quirks or odd syntax. I've studied a bit about selective/elective mutism, a social anxiety disorder which leaves people (usuaully children) unable to talk. I'm also fascinated by non-verbal communication, such as body language and facial expressions. I find it challenging to write stories about characters with irregular speech and putz around with that kind of subject matter a lot.

I tend to post a fair amount about work; usually silly stories from real work or baby-sitting or whathaveyou.

CARTOONS. They are a HYUGE part of my life. I watch a lot of the typical adult cartoons -Family Guy, the Simpsons, American Dad- but my favorites are Futurama and Venture Bros. I've recently taken a large interest in Regular Show and of course I watch...TRANSFORMERS. All varieties of them, though my favorites are Prime and Beast Wars (I also enjoy G1 and Animated). Let's talk animation, d00ds.

Please, if you find something you don't understand about my writing/thoughts/character theories or simply something you want to discuss, send me a PM. I love questions or constructive criticism and I love chatting about my writing/thoughts/character theories. PMs and relevant questions will be answered promptly. I am friendly and don't bite much!.

PS: I live on the East Coast of the USA. This means I'm in the Eastern Time Zone (GMT -5)
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