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Oct. 28th, 2013

Any of you guys ever get weird headcanon ideas that you really want to write about, but don't feel like going into enough detail to explain? I've been having that lately.

I have all this headcanon for Knockout and Breakdown's pre-series life and some ideas that keep coming to mind for short fics, but nothing that will set up the AU in which these circumstances would occur.


Jul. 26th, 2013

Headed downstairs to check out karaoke in some cosplay...Look for us there!

Fic: Currents

Title: Currents
Word count: 6462
Status: Complete
Continuity: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Character(s): Gusty and Gingerbread
Summary: Question: What do you call an earth pony with a horn?

Answer: Gusty.

Notes: I've been encouraged to flesh out some of the G1 ponies by a couple of my fans at fimfiction.net. This is the result of that.

This fic has a little bit of everything! Lesbianism, implied pony sex, racist unicorns, everything!

The air is visible around us...Collapse )

Today is Naotoki's Birthday!

So pockythoughts and I were recently talking about how today is one of my muses' birthdays!

And we realized...The little guy is all grown up. He's twenty today :U

So in honor of Natoki's birthday, I decided to post a series of drabbles I wrote about him and his partner circa 2007 or so. I went through and sort of reorganized them into some semblance of order, which shows the growth of their relationship.

Here are 34 drabbles from a 100 themes challenge I never completed. Also, some old art at the bottom.Collapse )

Fic: How Sweet It Is

Title: How Sweet It Is
Word count: 6247
Status: Complete
Continuity: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Character(s): Derpy, Thunderlane, some Rainbow Dash
Summary: When Rainbow Dash makes some changes to the Ponyville Weather Crew's weekly team meetings and implements a snack duty rotation, a certain clutzy pegasus finds herself with some major problems -- The main one being the fact that she can't cook to save her life. With her scheduled snack date fast approaching, poor Derpy has no clue what do, other than fail miserably and get laughed at, as per usual. Fortunately, it's Thunderlane to the rescue!

Notes: Here is the Pony!fic I mentioned the other day, that got me shipping something highly unlikely. I'm not sure if any of you guys care enough about Ponies to read it, but you can follow the fake!cut to where I posted it as ff.net, if you so desire.

('There are going to be some changes in the team meetings.')

Fic: Off the Record

Title: Off the Record
Word count: 2682
Status: Complete
Continuity: Rescue Bots
Character(s): Dani, Blades and Chase
Summary: “Dani.” He nodded minutely, “We were not expecting you home until later.” He sounded as if that simple statement should have explained everything about why they were cuddled together.
Notes: Shipping, definitely. It's just so gosh darn cute!

The day had started off normal enough, only to veer off in strange and unusual directions when it was drawing to a close.Collapse )

Fic: As Society Dictates

Title: As Society Dictates
Word count: 1949
Status: Complete
Continuity: Rescue Bots
Character(s): Mainly Chase and Blades, with mentions of everybody else.
Summary: After a chain reaction of disasters that's kinda sorta maybe Blades' fault, Chase attempts to cheer him up. It doesn't go as badly as one might think.
Notes: Plot bunny struck. I ran with it.

The title was supposed to be part of Chase's dialogue but never made it in. I liked it anyway, so it remained the title.

I'll probably find a bunch of typos tomorrow, but for now, it's bedtime.


Though it was entirely the fault of the puffin, Blades –naturally- blamed himself.Collapse )

Drabble: Untitled

Title: [untitled]
Word count: 683
Status: Complete
Continuity: Weiss Kreuz/Side B
Character(s): Free (Niklaus), Schuldich (Erich) and Chloe (Edward)
Summary: A long time ago, in a psychic training academy far, far away...
Notes: This is a little bit of background for the aforementioned men, all from Free's point of view.

I wrote this back in the fall of 2007 and it is one of my favorite things I've ever written, I think. It contains LOTS of headcanon and I'm posting here, simply so I can easily find it again later.

Niklaus didn’t mind Rosenkreuz for the sole reason that he rarely minded anything in his life.Collapse )


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